Most Recent Reviews

Below are the 15 most recent books reviewed by the Journal of Folklore Research. Clicking the links will bring you to the review's own page where you can see complete biblopgraphic information and read the entire review.

The Chican@ Hip Hop Nation: Politics of a New Millennial Mestizaje (Pancho McFarland)
Pioneers of the Blues Revival (Steve Cushing)
Unsettling Assumptions: Tradition, Gender, Drag (Editor: Pauline Greenhill and Diane Tye)
Fairy Tale and Film: Old Tales with a New Spin (Sue Short)
Songbook: How Lyrics Became Poetry in Medieval Europe (Marisa Galvez)
Therapeutic Uses of Storytelling: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Narration as Therapy (Editor: Camilla Asplund Ingemark)
Edible Identities: Food as Cultural Heritage (Editor: Ronda L. Brulotte and Michael A. Di Giovine)
Medieval and Early Modern Performance in the Eastern Mediterranean (Editor: Arzu Öztürkmen and Evelyn Birge Vitz)
Early Yiddish Epic (Editor: Jerold C. Frakes)
Klingendes Bekenntnis zu Führer und Reich: Musik und Identität im Reichsgau Tirol-Vorarlberg 1938-1945 (Kurt Drexel)
Américo Paredes: Culture and Critique (José Limón)
Folklore Recycled: Old Traditions in New Contexts (Frank de Caro)
Sicilian Epic and the Marionette Theater (Michael Buonanno)
Trolls: An Unnatural History (John Lindow)
Barns of Illinois (Photographs by Larry Kanfer)

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