Most Recent Reviews

Below are the 15 most recent books reviewed by the Journal of Folklore Research. Clicking the links will bring you to the review's own page where you can see complete biblopgraphic information and read the entire review.

Botánicas: Sacred Spaces of Healing and Devotion in Urban America (Joseph M. Murphy)
Reinventing Chinese Tradition: The Cultural Politics of Late Socialism (Ka-Ming Wu)
Falafel Nation: Cuisine and the Making of National Identity in Israel (Yael Raviv)
Fashion and Museums: Theory and Practice (Editor: Marie Riegels Melchior and Birgitta Svensson)
Legends of the Jews: Ancient Jewish Folk Literature Reconsidered (Editor: Galit Hasan-Rokem and Ithamar Gruenwald)
Dylan Goes Electric! Newport, Seeger, Dylan, and the Night that Split the Sixties (Elijiah Wald)
The Spirit of the Laws in Mozambique (Juan Obarrio)
Minority Nations in the Age of Uncertainty: New Paths to National Emancipation and Empowerment (Alain-G. Gagnon)
Hoedowns, Reels, and Frolics: Roots and Branches of Southern Appalachian Dance (Phil Jamison)
Myths of the Rune Stone: Viking Martyrs and the Birthplace of America (David M. Krueger)
Appalachian Dance: Creativity and Continuity in Six Communities (Susan Eike Spalding)
Putting the Supernatural in Its Place: Folklore, the Hypermodern, and the Ethereal (Editor: Jeanie Banks Thomas)
Yeonhui: Korean Performing Arts
Songs of Sorrow: Lucy McKim Garrison and 'Slave Songs of the United States' (Samuel Charters)
Open Your Heart: Religion and Cultural Poetics of Greater Mexico (David P. Sandell)

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