Most Recent Reviews

Below are the 15 most recent books reviewed by the Journal of Folklore Research. Clicking the links will bring you to the review's own page where you can see complete biblopgraphic information and read the entire review.

Dialectological and Folk Dialectological Concepts of Space: Current Methods and Perspectives in Sociological Research on Dialect Change (Editor: Sandra Hansen, Christian Schwarz, Philipp Stoeckle, and Tobias Streck)
Ring Shout, Wheel About: The Racial Politics of Music and Dance in North American Slavery (Katrina Dyonne Thompson)
Paroles affables: Proverbes judéo-marocains sur l'hospitalité et l'amitié (Joseph Chetrit)
Pole Raising and Speech Making: Modalities of Swedish American Summer Celebration (Jennifer Eastman Attebery)
To See Them Run: Great Plains Coyote Coursing (Eric A. Eliason)
Waiting for Buddy Guy: Chicago Blues at the Crossroads (Alan Harper)
51 Impossible Stunts Anyone Can Do (Sam Bartlett)
Mythic Frontiers: Remembering, Forgetting, and Profiting with Cultural Heritage Tourism (Daniel R. Maher)
The Rebirth of Rapunzel: A Mythic Biography of the Maiden in the Tower (Kate Forsyth)
Legacies of Violence: History, Society, and the State in Sardinia (Antonio Sorge)
Taarab Music in Zanzibar in the Twentieth Century: A Story of 'Old is Gold' and Flying Spirits (Janet Topp Fargion)
The Oral Chronicle of the Boorana in Southern Ethiopia: Modes of Construction and Preservation of History among People (Chikage Oba-Smidt)
My Voice is my Weapon: Music, Nationalism, and the Poetics of Palestinian Resistance (David A. McDonald)
Between Magic and Rationality: On the Limits of Reason in the Modern World (Editor: Vibeke Steffen, Steffen Jöhncke, and Kirsten Marie Raahauge)
Bridges to Cuba/Puentes a Cuba, 20th Anniversary Edition (Editor: Ruth Behar)

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