Most Recent Reviews

Below are the 15 most recent books reviewed by the Journal of Folklore Research. Clicking the links will bring you to the review's own page where you can see complete biblopgraphic information and read the entire review.

Pretty Good for a Girl: Women in Bluegrass (Murphy Hicks Henry)
Latter-Day Lore: Mormon Folklore Studies (Editor: Eric A. Eliason and Tom Mould)
The Human Sausage Factory: A Study of Post-War Rumour in Tartu (Eda Kalmre)
Sacred Ecology (Fikret Berkes)
Villages on Stage: Folklore and Nationalism in the Republic of Moldova (Jennifer R. Cash)
Traveling Heavy: A Memoir in between Journeys (Ruth Behar)
Living the Hiplife: Celebrity and Entrepreneurship (Jesse Weaver Shipley)
Remembering the AIDS Quilt (Charles E. Morris III)
The Golden Age of Folk and Fairy Tales: From the Brothers Grimm to Andrew Lang (Editor: Jack Zipes)
Hotel Mariachi: Urban Spaces and Cultural Heritage in Los Angeles (Catherine L. Kurland and Enrique R. Lamadrid)
Chinese Traditional Healing: The Berlin Collections of Manuscript Volumes from the 16th through the Early 20th Century
Voices from the Canefields: Folksongs from Japanese Immigrant Workers in Hawai'i (Franklin Odo)
The Art of Play: Recess and the Practice of Invention (Anna R. Beresin)
Possessed by the Devil: The Real History of the Islandmagee Witches & Ireland's Only Mass Witchcraft Trial (Andrew Sneddon)
The True Image: Gravestone Art and the Culture of Scotch Irish Settlers in the Pennsylvania and Carolina Backcountry (Daniel W. Patterson)

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